Cool, New Project for NIC Federal

I had the opportunity and privilege to work on a project with NIC Federal for the National Park Service.

Your-Pass-NowThey tapped me to design a visual identity for a new online park pass application NIC Federal was piloting in Acadia National Park. I had designed an initial logotype and mark, but after some internal discussion the original name could not be used. The concept was strong, though, so we kept it and used a the new name of Your Pass Now.

This visual identity is designed to be simple and bold. The general shape resembles that of a QR code scanner. A vibrant green is contrasted by solid black, giving it a lively, contemporary feeling.

The pass itself is pretty cool, too. They use QR codes and we developed a native mobile app for park rangers to validate the passes. In the event that no connectivity was available, a manual process was designed to validate the pass using various data fields to help prevent fraud.

This was a fun project and I applaud my team members on the NIC Federal team for delivering such a cool service in such a tight timeline. Now head over to and purchase an online park pass before your next visit!

I can't say enough great things about Patrick Iverson. He's a beautiful designer; his work is modern and clean, and he took constructive feedback very graciously. He's a pleasure to work with: considerate, responsible, and personable. His observations were wise and insightful.
Candace Walsh, Brainstorms, Inc