Why it took me a full year to redesign this website

I am a creative. I design and build things. I am continuously learning new techniques and have new inspirations. This can make it difficult to commit to my own visual branding.

I also have a full-time day job, one main freelance client, and a brand new baby at home. So to my defense I didn’t have copious amounts of free time to build something for myself.

I’ve designed and coded at least a dozen redesigns in the past year, but it wasn’t until attending the 99U conference in New York this past May that I was inspired to make it happen. If you’re not familiar with 99U, check out their award winning website. Their whole inspiration is to help creatives “Make Ideas Happen” which is the title of a book written by Behance founder Scott Belsky (see my selfie with him below).

Thanks to the inspiration at the 99U 2014 conference, I buckled down and redesigned my website one more time and committed to finishing it this time. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Patrick was the head of the graphics and advertising department at Prudential Santa Fe Real Estate. He was fun to work with, produced world-class graphics and designs on time and communicated well. He was a huge asset to our brokerage. His work impressed my clients and intimidated my competitors.
Tai Bixby, Keller Williams Realty